Port Aransas Whooping Crane Festival

February 25,  2021

Port Aransas  is where fun just comes naturally, and during the slower winter months the locals and vacationers from across the country look forward to lots of Whooping Cranes, plus hundreds of bird species including the American White Pelican, Northern Shoveler, Ruddy Duck and American Goldfinch. Your fun at the festival should begin with an affordable vacation cottage in Port Aransas.

Whooping Crane (Grus americana)

This tall-standing and high-flying bird visits the Gulf Coast during our winter months after migrating form northern Canada. The Whooping Crane's migration route is more than 2,000 miles and usually begins in October with arrival on Mustang Island while the rest of the country is in deep winter cold. These beautiful birds can live 20+ years and while considered to be naturally rare, their numbers have gone from about 10,000 at the founding of our country to an estimated population today of more than 400. 
whooping cranes.jpg 

Celebrate the Return of the Endangered Whooping Cranes

Each year, birders and vacationers flock to Port Aransas for the Annual Whooping Crane Festival. The festival provides an opportunity to experience the world's rarest of crane species as well as other bird species including peregrine falcons, roseate spoonbills and cinnamon teal. The festival includes the following events and activities in and around Port Aransas: 
  • guided nature tours and field trips by land, boat and passenger vans
  • advanced island birding field trips
  • shorebird identification workshops along the beaches
  • photography workshops and photography field trips
  • children's art exhibits
  • guest speakers from the University of Texas
  • guided wetlands education center tours

A Great Place for a Winter Vacation

The whole community comes together to help you enjoy the festival. The Port Aransas Civics Center and the very popular Birds Nest Trade Show at the Civics Center in downtown Port Aransas are the epicenter of everything Whooping Crane. Also, Tradewinds Vacation Rentals can provide accommodations in one of their affordable vacation rental homes... perfect for a small group attending the festival.

Local Map of Common Birding Sites on Mustang Island     

Official Website for the Whooping Crane Festival